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Apr 5 2014

It finally hit me as well.

Well, Uhh…. childish? I think that’s the word to describe it. Like Comic Sans MS.

The New Facebook Layout

The New Facebook Layout, much wow

I’m so glad, that AddBlock takes care of the right column for me.

The interesting question is:

Why does facebook change the layout, if they know, that there will be an uproar against everything they change?

Or Buy…

Just have a look at Notch’s tweet after Facebook bought the Oculus Rift:

!Here! is some more to read by Notch about bringing Minecraft to the Oculus Rift and what Facebook has to do with it.

I really wanted to get one of those :(

I won’t buy one.

By the way, there is a reason, why I havent linked my Facebook Site to the Webpage. – I don’t have one yet and I won’t make one.

The problem we are left with is todays necessity of Facebook. – Don’t think it’s necessary? Where are all your Friends? Maybe a few on Skype, Steam, Instagram, etc. but most of them will be on Facebook. Wait! What about what about Whatsapp? Oh, yeah, Facebook bought that, too.

So what we need is a new social network, nothing fancy, keep it simple, no Games, no endless Poke-Battles, no NSA (Hi there), no video ads in the news feed and no buisness solely focused on making profit. I’m sure there are quite a few of those networks. But how do we choose a good one and more imporantly get people to transfer and stop it from becoming like Facebook?

I’ll leave it at that.