Listening to Music

is what I do most.

I listen to all sorts of Electronic Music, not solely but mostly. You may check out my Spotify profile to see what I’m up to.

Making Music

I recently bumped into a very creative way of making music.

How did it happen?

MA Dubstep liked a video, which lead me to this guy called Shawn Wasabi aka sssShawnnnn.

So here are some awesome tracks & videos:

You should really check out the videos though:

Shawn’s Facebook
Shawn’s Twitter

You should also check out Nev aka SoNevable:

Nev’s Facebook
Nev’s Twitter

Note: The Midi Controller used by Shawn is a Midi Fighter, not a Launchpad, but in principle, they are the same.

So that convinced me to buy one of those Launchpads.
( I am currently practicing playing Skrillex – First of the Year (Equinox) with Nev’s project files. You can find them on his Facebook Page)


Launchpad Basically you have a board with heaps of silicon buttons connected to your pc. Then you have some software like Ableton with which you can assign samples to. The Novation Launchpad also has quite a lot of features:

Session Mode

the easy mode

In Session mode you use the top left four buttons (those with the arrows) to navigate through a potentially huge field of samples, loops and whatever you assign the buttons to. Using the Ableton Live Software (or [insert your Music Program here]) you then create Loops (for example a beat, some vocals you want repeated, etc.), Samples that will kick in with the beat or alternatively you can have them activate, when you push the button.

Your layout works as follows:IMG_3778
Only one sample can be playing in a column at a time, if you press another assigned button in the column, it will deactivate the other one. Unassigned keys will stop the sample playing in that column (alternatively you can stop the Track in the Mixer, which I will explain later). To play all samples in a row you press the arrow key on the right. If you press and hold the Session button you can then choose what in that huge field of samples I talked about earlier you want displayed on your Launchpad.

User 1 Mode

This is the most creative mode. It lets you assign everything to every one of those 64 buttons, you can have a full keyboard (with a weird layout) or a drum pad.

User 2 Mode

User 2 Mode can be used for controlling certain elements of Ableton, such as the bpm, toggling the metronome, etc. This is not assigned by default, so you have to assign it yourself.

The Mixer

For the Mixer I recommend watching this little clip from Novation:

More Novation Launchpad Tutorials here.


In Session Mode

In Session Mode

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