You like playing Minecraft and want to have your own server and be ‘God’, but have no idea of hosting, plugins, permissions and all those things that are required for a big server? Then why don’t you contact me, I’ll give you help setting up your server, if you ask nicely and I feel like it :)

I have played Minecraft since the 1.8.1 release – I even had my own server, which was running quite well, until a plugin started crashing the whole server over and over again. Back then I didn’t know, what was causing the problem, so we, the admins, decided to stop hosting the server. It was a small server, at peak times we had 10 players online. The principle of the server was to build a city (therefore the name: Citybuild and more), have fun and be creative together.

I still have the Maps, so if you are an old player, please contact me, I’ll give you a copy of the map (and the server, if you want to).

Nowadays I rarely play Minecraft. The Game had a good run, but now if you try hosting a server, you have a community of 10 year olds and have to prevent people from cheating with annoying anti-cheat plugins. I have moved on to different games.

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