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Guild Wars 2 is a beautiful MMORPG¬†which I play a lot. If you want a review, there are plenty of those around – go watch some. I play on the Server “Drakkar Lake [DE]” (It’s a German Server).

Screenshots and Projects

Guild Wars 2

The original Idea to this obviously edited screenshot was to have heaps of people just casually doing something in this room, basically making the place crowded. The problem was finding people, who were willing to do that. So after shouting across the Map, searching for idling people I found these two guys. So I told them where to go and took some screenshots and stitched them together.


Guild Wars 2

This is Rata Sum, the capital of the Asura – a giant cube floating in the sky. You can have a lot of fun jumping of it :D

More about Guild Wars 2 —>here<—

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