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I recently discovered ArcheAge, which is an MMOG mostly about PvP, Crafting, and Construction. You can fly in this Game! – I haven’t archived that yet…

The Game is currently running in  Korea and China as far as I know and is in Open Beta in Russia and in Alpha for Europe and America. Since the Alpha is only available through an invite I have decided to play the russian version with an english language patch, which works alright after a few hours of fiddling around with things.

Official Site:


A little Review

I have only played a few hours of it, so don’t think I can provide heaps of knowledge. I did notice a few things though. I will compare the game to Guild Wars 2, because that is my only reference point.


Combat is alright, it doesn’t have the smooth feel, that you get, when playing Guild Wars 2.

  • I have failed to be able to dodge attacks, which gives you the feeling of an exchange of abilities, as long as you have more strength than your enemy, you’re fine.
  • Being a magician you have to stand your ground while preparing to fire your magic.

I might change my mind, but these were the things that bugged me a little.


…is awesome! You have just about anything you could wish for. Pets you can ride, NPC carriages and airships, gliders, cars and boats (from small rowing boats to great warships!). There also is teleportation.

The User Interface

The Map is overlayed in the top right corner. You can turn it off, put more symbols on it, and make it larger/smaller. I am not very fond of the healthbar being squeezed into that left corner. I would like to have it where I can see it while in combat. (Please make this customizable!)
The menu pages also have a very nice design.

some screenshots:




Guild Wars 2 layout for comparison:


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