As a computer interested person you come across this sooner rather than later. It happens when you see something cool and think “I want to be able to do that, too!”.


Learnt Java in school and now in Uni, usually don’t use it for private projects.


Spent 3 months working on a database query to excel file converter with fancy custom config files for colours/sticking top rows/fontsizes/etc. I got used to the creative freedom of comparing bools to ints and it’s annoying that java won’t do that.


Heavily customised a python discord music bot to fit the needs of my guilds discord server. Although it does have some issues when it’s connection to discord times out. But it can self restart and/or update to a newer version which I find quite neat.

At the moment I am sticking to C++. My Uni wants Java.. Lot’s of them.


I’ve done little projects like or (Guild Wars 2 Guild Website).

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