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Feb 19 2016

Pink Thunderstorm


The trail of light to the right is from me grabbing my camera and running back inside, because it started raining really bad :/

Jan 17 2016

Up close to a Goanna

I came across a Goanna on my travels.. Must say, although this one was rather cautius of me and kept his distance, you do good to uphold quite an amount of respect for them.IMG_7564

He was looking at me for whenever I moved.

IMG_7562Its’ tail was a lot longer than you would expect.
IMG_7579Coming down the tree, straight at me..
IMG_7588..but he turned to the right and left for the beach.


Oct 3 2014

A little Roccat fanboying :D




I sent these two Photos to Roccat and they featured them on Facebook and Twitter :)

(Unfortunately I forgot to watermark them before posting them on twitter)

Apr 5 2014

Photos online!

Hello there!

this is the first Blog Post or Post in general on this page!

And it starts off with some nice photos (well… I think they’re nice, decide for your selves, leave a comment if you feel like it). I went through part of my huge (let me check that for you) 131GB – photo library and choose a few that I felt like sharing with the world, to be more exact: You.

Have fun, I’ll now move on to some more empty pages of the site and fill them with content – *looks at time* -or just go to bed on second thoughts.

—> Click for Photos <—