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Jul 20 2014

Playing Guild Wars 2

When playing an MMO, you normally have goals like reaching the highest level, then getting the best gear and then playing the so-called ‘end-content’. In my rather long playing time in GuildWars I have reached a few ‘Milestones’ like making it to the maximum level (which isn’t hard in GW2) and reaching a few achievements in the Game. For example making 200 Gold, buying the right to be commander (lead people – you get a blue symbol over your head for everyone on the map to see), finishing my personal story with my main or defeating a hard boss in an arena fight (Which gives you a title you may wear under your name). The end content in GW2 is dungeons, big bosses like tequatl (a big dragon, who can only be killed with a lot of teamwork and organisation), and the living world, a really nice idea, to keep players playing, because there will be new content to explore every two weeks.

At the moment I am trying to get 100% world exploration with one of my characters, which theoretically isn’t all too much to do, if you keep at it for a while, the problem is, that it takes a lot of nerve, and you don’t always want to drag your friends through it, so doing it alone is a little boring aswell. The next big step then would be the crafting of a legendary weapon, but this is more a dream then ever becoming reality due to the enormous amount of time and money you have to put into it.

As you may have noticed, it doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

So why am I still playing it?

I could just say, I don’t have anything else to play at the moment, which is true in a way, but not entirely. For example, I have still not gotten myself involved with the new season two of the living world – and people say, it’s supposed to be really good! So there is something to do, which I am looking forward to.

But what I have noticed is, that I have been playing GW2 too long to still be spending a lot of time on it and not getting bored at some point and just quitting. True, I could still do so many things, but that will always be the case in an MMO.

Let me give an example, what I could start doing right away in Guild Wars 2:

  • continue mapping the world (Done! – 100% complete *Yay*)
  • start farming gold, karma and rare crafting items for a legendary (Done :D)
  • only farm gold, because I’m greedy, and like having lots of numbers in front of that Gold coin :D
  • level one of my many lowlevel characters to the max level (one more to go)
  • play some PvP, which i kind of have been avoiding, but I have found it to be fun recently
  • play some WvW
  • continue the personal story of one of my level 80 (max-level) characters – or a low-level one, for that matter
  • get involved with the living world and all the mysteries and rumors about defeating the elder dragons of GW2
  • go achievement hunting, get my Achievement Points up

and so on…

So in the end, I have a look through my friend list, forget what I was wanting to do, and help them achieve their goal.

– or just randomly help a new player :D

(feel welcome to take up that indirect offer (: )

May 15 2014


Have you heard about Arche Age?
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May 14 2014

Some Stuff about Guild Wars 2

Go and check it out:


Apr 6 2014

Video of the Day #1: Tuvan Throat Singing

I think there is nothing more to add, except for the Video description:

Channna ham nah channa channa

Apr 5 2014

It finally hit me as well.

Well, Uhh…. childish? I think that’s the word to describe it. Like Comic Sans MS.

The New Facebook Layout

The New Facebook Layout, much wow

I’m so glad, that AddBlock takes care of the right column for me.

The interesting question is:

Why does facebook change the layout, if they know, that there will be an uproar against everything they change?

Or Buy…

Just have a look at Notch’s tweet after Facebook bought the Oculus Rift:

!Here! is some more to read by Notch about bringing Minecraft to the Oculus Rift and what Facebook has to do with it.

I really wanted to get one of those :(

I won’t buy one.

By the way, there is a reason, why I havent linked my Facebook Site to the Webpage. – I don’t have one yet and I won’t make one.

The problem we are left with is todays necessity of Facebook. – Don’t think it’s necessary? Where are all your Friends? Maybe a few on Skype, Steam, Instagram, etc. but most of them will be on Facebook. Wait! What about what about Whatsapp? Oh, yeah, Facebook bought that, too.

So what we need is a new social network, nothing fancy, keep it simple, no Games, no endless Poke-Battles, no NSA (Hi there), no video ads in the news feed and no buisness solely focused on making profit. I’m sure there are quite a few of those networks. But how do we choose a good one and more imporantly get people to transfer and stop it from becoming like Facebook?

I’ll leave it at that.

Apr 5 2014

Music Page Online

Have some Music :D

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Apr 5 2014

Photos online!

Hello there!

this is the first Blog Post or Post in general on this page!

And it starts off with some nice photos (well… I think they’re nice, decide for your selves, leave a comment if you feel like it). I went through part of my huge (let me check that for you) 131GB – photo library and choose a few that I felt like sharing with the world, to be more exact: You.

Have fun, I’ll now move on to some more empty pages of the site and fill them with content – *looks at time* -or just go to bed on second thoughts.

—> Click for Photos <—