I am…

.. a person, who likes technical stuff and invests a lot of time in these things called personal computers and has a lot of fun while doing just that. My name is Benjamin or Jawastew, I’m {current_year – 1996} years old, I live in Germany and like coding, gaming, taking photos sometimes, drawing artwork on my computer rarely, listening to music, skyping talking with people around the world (record: 9h), staying up late while chatting/gaming/coding, staying up late in general. I consider myself knowledgeable enough to write code in C++, Java, Python given enough time. I can speak German and English fluently, feel free to talk to meDiscord: Jawastew#5926. Sometimes I host small game servers (Minecraft Gmod ARK) or take things apart.


That is my Gamertag / Alias / Internet-Nickname/etc.

How did I come up with Jawastew?

That is indeed a good question, Internet aliases are usually created, when you are desperately searching for a unique username for some forum or game, when about 12-14, in my case 15 years old and desperately searching for a new name for Minecraft, because choosing Ben9988 was insanely stupid (if you take the 9988 as an alteration of 1998, it would make me two years younger as I really am).

So Jawastew.

Small Creatures from StarWars – Also points to Java – Minecraft is written in that

I was involved in setting up Minecraft Servers, when you get too fancy with plugins it becomes quite a mess, therefore “stew”.
And no, I can assure you, I am not a StarWars fanatic. Maybe a little bit..  Greedo got turned into Juice, they say.


My Setup

Roccat Kone Pure Nyth mouse
CM Storm Rapid-I
Razer Kraken headset Bose earphones combined with a 10€ clip on mic, no more sweaty ears in summer!

Intel Core i5 6600K
16GB RAM Corsair Vengance, Low Profile (to fit a Mugen 4 CPU cooler)
250GB 500GB SSD, 3x 3TB Western Digital HDD
Sapphire Radeon R9 280X Vapor-X 3GB RX 480 8GB
2x 21,5″ FullHD BenQ2255
Mostly on Windows, sometimes on Linux

Catzilla Benchmark

and a Macbook Pro Retina Lenovo x250 running Ubuntu /w i3
(i7, 256GB, 8GB RAM, 12″ Screen)


Notepad++ or Vim
Photoshop & Premiere
Visual Studio, JetBrains Clion/PyCharm/IntelliJ


Most pictures here taken with:
Canon EOS 600D
Canon 18-55mm & 75-300mm

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